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A treasure chest of cheats and tips for computer and video games, modern and retro.

Cheat Chest

Congratulations! You have found Cheat Chest - the number one resource on the web for gaming cheats and tips. To begin, select the platform the game you would like tips for is on, using the links to the left of this page.

Cheat Chest covers a wide selection of platforms, ranging from early games consoles such as the Colecovision, through to modern systems such as Microsoft's Xbox and the Sony PlayStation 2. Computer games on Windows/DOS, Macintosh and Linux operating systems are also covered.

Since launching on 11th March 2004, Cheat Chest has built up its game cheats database to include cheat codes, hints, tips, unlockables and glitches for well over one thousand games. New cheats and tips are being added regularly, so if the game help you are looking for isn't currently listed, please check back in a few days, especially for games that have only just been released.

Online Gaming Chest

Games have existed since the 80's becoming more and more sophisticated as time goes by. From the classics such as Space Invaders, Frogger and Pacman , to console style games such as Mario and Sonic. It is no wonder that games are still around , in fact it is now a dominating worldwide industry with more and more companies joining this exciting market every year. Quite recently gaming took it up a step and found themselves on the world wide web, spawning online mmorpg's, Online Casino type games, first-person shooters and many more.

Many of those game types have an entire gaming environment around them. So for example, hard core gaming have review sites, cheat sites (that's us!), news sites and much more. Casino games also have review sites, but in this industry they're the main hub (they usually have news, reviews free games, slot reviews for specific games etc.).

Recently games have made another technological leap and reached to mobile phones. Today you can play, Bubbles, Bingo on mobile and even Mobile Casino. In the casinos we have been seeing an influx of players moving to play on mobile. For example, in you can see the high number of mobile casino platforms.


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